The Impact of Hiring a Videographer for Business Growth: A Comprehensive Guide


In the fast-paced world of digital marketing, where people’s attention can shift in a blink, businesses are discovering the strength of video content to connect with audiences. Corporate video production has become a game-changer, helping companies share their brand story, train employees, and boost marketing efforts. This guide dives into the ins and outs of corporate video production and why bringing in a professional videographer can transform your business.

Cracking the Code of Corporate Video Production:

Imagine corporate video production as the magic behind the videos that businesses create for both inside and outside purposes. These videos do a lot – from welcoming new team members to marketing products, sharing success stories, and demonstrating how things work. A specialist known as a corporate videographer, whether in-house, freelance, or from a corporate videography agency, usually handles this production.

The Role of a Corporate Videographer:

A corporate videographer is a pro at making videos for businesses. They plan and film video shoots, capture company moments, create marketing materials, conduct interviews, and oversee the final edits. Whether you hire someone in-house, freelance, or go for an agency depends on how big and complex your video needs are.

Why Corporate Video Production is a Big Deal:

The impact of corporate video production is backed by some cool statistics. According to Wyzowl, 86% of businesses use videos for marketing. 92% of marketers think videos are crucial, and 81% link increased sales to video content. These numbers shout out how videos grab attention, boost engagement, and drive sales.

Talking Money:

While the benefits of corporate video production are clear, the question often is: how much does it cost? On average, corporate videos can range from $500 to $10,000 per minute. Larger corporations might even splash up to $100,000 per minute for fancy productions. The costs cover things like coming up with the story, the videographer, editing, actors or voice-overs, and equipment.

Different Flavors of Corporate Videos:

Origin Story:

It tells the story of how a company started, building brand identity and trust.

Employee Onboarding Videos:

Welcomes new hires and introduces them to company culture.

Product Launch:

Creates hype and leads for a new product or service.

Product Demo:

Shows off the features and how a product works.

Video Case Study:

Shares a customer’s success story with a product or service.

Video Testimonials:

Customers talk about their experiences, adding trust.

Video Ads:

Promotional videos that make products or services look awesome.

The ABCs of Corporate Video Production:


Plan, write scripts, make storyboards, choose actors, and gather everything you need.


Film the video, which may involve a team for complex shoots.


Edit the video, add graphics, animations, and make it all come together.

Making Your Own Corporate Video:

Plan and Develop:

Know what you want and create a plan that matches.

Write the Script:

Make a short, engaging script that says what you need.

Cast the Video:

Pick the right people, whether narrators, actors, or your own team.

Film the Video:

Shoot at a good place, stick to the schedule, and get the lighting right.

Edit and Post-produce:

Put everything together, add sound and special effects, and finish the video.

Corporate Video Do’s and Don’ts:


Keep the video short to keep people interested.

Always think about who you’re talking to and how you’re saying it.

Plan your budget early and be creative within it.

Have a plan to share and promote your video.


Forget to tell people about your video; make sure lots of people see it.

Ignore adding a clear action for people to take after watching.

Be too focused on selling; be friendly, real, and give something valuable.

Top Corporate Video Production Heroes:

BX Films:

Works with big names like Cisco, PayPal, JBL, and Toyota.

Casual Films:

London-based, with a big team doing explainer, training, and onboarding videos.

The DVI Group:

A pro with 21 years of experience, handling various types of videos.


Specializing in finance, education, and healthcare, offering diverse video solutions.


Based in California, serving mid-sized corporations with ads, testimonials, and product videos.

In a Nutshell:

Hiring a videographer for corporate video production has a huge impact. It not only makes your brand more visible but also connects and convinces people effectively. Understanding the types of videos, the process, and the costs is important. Businesses can use the magic of visual storytelling to keep growing in the digital world.



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