10 Effective Link Building Strategies to Boost Your Website’s SEO

Link Building

Make Linkable Content

Content is king when it comes to boosting your website’s SEO. Make sure what you write is helpful, educational, and entertaining to get even the toughest critic interested (extra points for including llamas and existential crises).

Here are some types of content that are especially useful when you want to attract links:

  • Industry reports and research: Do your research on relevant topics in your niche. Be thorough so that other websites may want to use your report as a reference.
  • Use lists. They present information simply. They make it much easier to follow and understand.
  • Creative infographics present data. In other words, the data would have been very complex. But, infographics make it much easier to understand. These are highly and easily shared on other websites with a link back to the source.
  • Guides and In-depth tutorials: Write comprehensive and detailed guides. This prompts readers and other websites to share or link the content.
  • Compelling case studies: Talk about your successful projects and their positive impact of them.

Broken Link Building

Learn how to turn dead links into gold. When you find a website with a link that doesn’t work, you’re in luck! Get in touch with the person running the site and offer your content to fill the gap. It’s like recycling for the web, and it’s a win for everyone! Additionally, you should also check your website for any broken links as they harm your user’s experience and hinder your search engine rankings.

Build Connections

Make friends with influencers and bloggers in your field. Networking is super important. Just don’t be the annoying person who always shamelessly tries to sneak in links. Be genuine and offer some actual value, and you may get backlinks as a by-product. Their endorsement can also lead to increased credibility. Furthermore, you should engage with Q&A sites relevant to your niche and provide useful and insightful answers to establish your credibility (Reddit, Quora, and even Twitter can be used for this).

Guest Blogging

Writing good guest posts to known websites in your niche helps spread your brand to a wider audience and gets you important backlinks. Look for websites that are trustworthy (with a high DA) and are relevant to your field. Remember to avoid stuffing your posts with multiple heavy keywords and text like it’s a Thanksgiving turkey. 

Leverage Social Media Outlets

Post attention-grabbing content that’s within the same wavelength as what your followers want to see. Social media is great for getting more links- talk and engage with different people, post your content, and join in on chats. If you promote it correctly, then backlinks will be brought in naturally

Post Ego-Bait Content

Ego-baiting is basically stroking the ego of any particular reputable person in your niche to get them to either link back to your website or share it with their audience. You can use tools like Buzzsumo, Linkedin, or Followerwonk to search for suitable candidates.

You can make such content by:

  • Interviews: Reach out to influential people within your niche and ask for an interview- by publishing this on your blog or website, it compels that figure to share your content with their audience.
  • Lists and Rankings: Create rankings of individuals after thorough research, like “Top 20 influencers in Digital Marketing Today”. Featured people may acknowledge this and websites may link to it as a source of information.
  • Collaborative Content: Collaborate with other influencers to either create something like an e-book or a comprehensive guide. Each contributor will most probably share or talk about the finished product, earning you publicity and links.
  • Social Media Highlights: Collect the best social media posts from a specific topic or an industry event, and make sure to tag the original posters to improve visibility and chances of them seeing your posts.

Competitor analysis:

Studying your competitors’ backlinks is a great way to get ideas. You can find ideas for link building. You should use tools like Ahrefs or Moz to locate websites that lead to links to your competitors, however, do not link to you. Reach out with a personalized pitch to these sites and highlight how your content can also be valuable to them.

Focus on Local Listings and Directories:

You should submit your website on social directories and listing sites to get backlinks from them as well. To improve your local SEO, update all of your listings with consistent business information. What you want to do is make sure the reason for submitting your site is relevant, focus on quality directories that are pertinent to your site, and avoid all of those spammy low-quality directories that can be especially harmful to your SEO.

Giving out Linkable Assets (Free Tools and Templates):

Give out layouts or materials relevant to your niche for free. Could be a social media content calendar template, a design mockup tool, or an industry-specific checklist. Giving these valuable resources to users or websites compels them to link back to your site as the source and builds better relationships.

Expert insights and thought leadership:

Thought leadership is an influential method of verifying mastery in your industry, gaining the reliability of your target audience, and fueling your SEO results. Here are some effective strategies for developing thought leadership content:

White papers and industry reports: Publish in-depth white papers or reports that showcase your expertise and unique analysis on pressing industry issues. This will in turn grant you links and become a reference for those seeking information.

Go beyond what others think and challenge norms: Don’t be scared to take on subjects in a different way or go against the grain. Offering controversial opinions backed up with proper research is sure to keep people talking and thinking about your claim- perhaps even linking to your website as a thought-provoking viewpoint. This may also get your attention from media outlets.

Become a primary resource for journalists and bloggers: Establish contacts and offer content to both journalists and bloggers within your niche. Keeping up with the current trends and talking about them will make you a credible source of information and means that they are likely to cite or repay you for your articles.

Videos and Webinars: Participate in host webinars and public speaking as an opportunity to present your deep knowledge on certain topics, making you perceived as a credible source and avail more backlinks. 

Similarly, make sure to engage with your social media following: Share insights, answer questions, and participate in discussions to build a tight-knit community or followership.


Remember, consistency is key. Keep regularly posting insightful content on trending topics within your niche, the more useful content you have the more likely you are to gain backlinks naturally over time. Join hands with AO Creatives today and reap the benefits of our excellent services. We work towards getting you to success. By employing these strategic approaches coupled with consistent effort, you are sure to see improvements in your SEO performance soon! Get in touch with our team today!



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